G. Ross Lord Park Reservoir

Fishing at G. Ross Lord Park Reservoir is a great opportunity for anglers looking for carp, rock bass, sunfish and brown bullhead. Anglers have most luck casting with worms from the shore. G. Ross Lord Park is located in North York near Dufferin and Finch. The park has great parking and is accessible to public transit with a slight walk through the park. The park also has public washrooms available.

G. Ross Lord Park has many acres of swamp and wetlands. The water level in the reservoir rises in the spring as the snow melts and lowers substantially decreasing the fishing area. Many anglers use the west side of the reservoir closest to Dufferin street where there is a formation of rocks to put out their lawn chairs and cast.


CarpCarp fishing is great at G. Ross Lord Reservoir it is quite shallow and carp can be seen quite easily from shore. Carp can be found in small schools moving very slowly through the reservoir bobbing up and down slightly breaking the surface of water. Anglers will have most luck using either corn or worms along the bottom of the water. Carp can exceed ten pounds and are a common catch in G. Ross Lord Reservoir.

Brown Bullhead

CatfishCatfish are abundant through G. Ross Lord Park Reservoir. They can be caught throughout the reservoir along the bottom. Anglers using worms or corn in search of carp often reel in a catfish due to similar behavior that carp and catfish share. Be sure to be equipped with pliers when fishing as catfish often swallow the hook

Rock Bass

Rock BassRock bass fishing is not bad however most of them are quite small. With most angling at the reservoir being targeted at carp anglers can have success casting into shady parts with worms. Angling action is fairly good through the summer for rock bass and sunfish.