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Toronto's Best Fishing Locations

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A view of the CN Tower from the water in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Toronto has amazing fishing and ice fishing opportunities in the different bays, rivers, and ponds in the Toronto area. Whether or not you are close to these areas, many of these are accessible via public transit. With some fish open year-round, fishing is one of the best things to do in Toronto, with great fishing action available without needing a boat. A fishing license is not required for those under the age of eighteen years old or above the age of sixty-four. Fishing is a great activity for kids to enjoy, especially in Toronto’s highly populated bodies of water. Some locations have very high populations of sunfish and bluegill, such as Grenadier Pond, which makes fishing more enjoyable for children.

Fly fishing during certain seasons can produce trophy trout in certain rivers and streams during peak seasons. Trout travel upstream to search for spawning areas. At this time, hundreds of trout travel from Lake Ontario and during their passage through these rivers. Anglers have most luck either fly fishing or using spinners and spoons. Brown trout, lake trout, and rainbow trout are the most common fish to catch in the different rivers of Toronto.

Toronto has ten different fishing locations that have great action for most of the year, and some others like Frenchman’s Bay, where ice fishing is common, where anglers search for a trophy walleye due to the hot water omitted from the Pickering powerplant. Select your desired fishing location above to learn more about the types of fish in each location. Also, fishing tips on what bait to use can be found in our Fishing Gear section.

Fish Profiles

What should I use to catch fish in the Toronto waters?

Learning about the habits of fish in Toronto's waters will help you understand their patterns and ultimately catch more when you're on the water. Our guides will lead the way for you.




More Fish

Salmon Fishing Toronto

Fishing for salmon in Toronto is amazing, with chinook and coho salmon entering the streams and rivers. They enter the Humber River, Duffin’s Creek, and Rouge River in search of perfect spawning locations up the river. They try to find spots that provide protection and have limited water flow to reduce the risk of their eggs getting washed into Lake Ontario. At this time, thousands of salmon will enter the river, giving anglers an amazing chance to catch their daily limit of salmon easily. After the ice thaws and the spawn is complete, the fish return to Lake Ontario. The last of the fish enter Lake Ontario in late May.

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Recommended Lures for Salmon:

Angler holding their salmon that they caught fishing in Toronto.

Pike Fishing Toronto

In Toronto, there is a healthy pike population in almost every body of water, with some pike reaching up to fifteen pounds. Most of these areas are at the top of the food chain, except when some seasonal fish move into the rivers in search of spawning areas. Pike fishing is excellent throughout the year, as they can be caught from the shore at many of the Toronto fishing hotspots. Pike put up an excellent fight and is safe to keep within the limit. Know the limits and open season to ensure the ecosystems aren’t disturbed. In places such as Grenadier Pond, pike have nearly been completely fished out of their habitat, significantly decreasing the number of predators in this area. There now is an abundance of sunfish and a few bass left, which makes sunfish population control non-existent.

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Recommended Lures for pike:

A picture of a northern pike.

Carp Fishing Toronto

Carp are abundant in almost every body of water in the GTA. This is due to them not being sensitive to pollution. They can reach up to twenty pounds in certain locations and can put up a fair fight. The best carp fishing spots are Duffin’s Creek Marsh, Frenchman’s Bay, and Marie Curtis Park in the west end. Colonel Samuel Smith Park has some of the biggest carp; however, they are difficult to land due to the height between the angler and the water in most fishing spots around the park.

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Recommended Lures for Carp:

A picture of a carp.

More Fish Profiles

Once you throw that perfect cast, you can catch one of many varieties of fish in the GTA waters. From bottom feeders to a spunky bass putting up a bit of a fight, you’ll surely enjoy your time on the water.

Click on one of the fish below to learn more about their habitat in the Greater Toronto Area.

Man standing in water fly fishing at sunrise.

Find the best lure to land that BIG catch!

Are you fishing with the wrong lure?

When looking to find out which lures will be effective on which fish visit our fishing lures page. There you will find a review of each lure and which type of fish will most likely strike it. As well, a few tips and techniques that will help you catch that huge bass you are targeting in Toronto. There are also a couple of other great items their such as the rubber net and inflatable canoe that will give you additional fishing opportunities.

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Southern Ontario is full of beautiful places to fish

While you'll catch some fair size fish in Toronto, we also recommend looking at fishing locations across Southern Ontario. Lake Simcoe and the surrounding areas is a short drive away. And remember, be sure to bring your fishing license and know your fishing limits.

  • Fishing Lake Simcoe

    If you are willing to travel, Cook’s Bay is just a short drive up the 404 highway. Lake Simcoe has mostly the same types of fish as Toronto waters, but has a healthier bassperch and crappie population. Lake Simcoe is also known to have jumbo perch which reach up to almost two pounds. Lake Simcoe also has an abundant amount of boat launches all around the lake.

    Man fly fishing in Lake Simcoe, standing in the water wearing waders.
  • Fishing Regulations

    Although Toronto does have amazing fishing opportunities, be sure to check and see which fish are open in each zone prior to fishing. It is important to follow the regulations to ensure that we can preserve the fishing in Toronto for years to come. To view which seasonal fish are open and the limits to keeping these fish, please refer to the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

    Man catching a carp