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Archives: Fish Profiles

  • An image of a fresh waterdrum.

    Fresh Waterdrum

    June 24, 2024
    This fish is occasionally caught at Humber Bay. Numbers have been declining due to the overfishing of these species. However,…
  • A picture of a walleye caught in Toronto.


    June 23, 2024
    Due to their picky nature and love for cooler water, walleye are attracted to many lakes in Ontario. Walleye are…
  • A picture of a pike.

    Rainbow Trout

    June 23, 2024
    Rainbow trout are known for their beautiful bright colours on their sides. These are primarily seasonal fish for anglers who…
  • A picture of a lake trout.

    Lake Trout

    June 23, 2024
    North American lakes are abundant with lake trout. Lake trout are the largest trout that can be caught in Toronto.…
  • A picture of a brown trout.

    Brown Trout

    June 23, 2024
    Brown trout have amazing eyesight, so the thinnest clear line possible is vital to catching them. Leaders also cannot be…
  • A picture of a brook trout.

    Brook Trout

    June 23, 2024
    Similar to Brown trout, Brook trout make the journey from large lakes to find spawning areas in rivers before the…
  • A picture of a brook trout.


    June 23, 2024
  • Bass

    June 23, 2024
  • Salmon

    June 23, 2024
  • A picture of a sunfish.


    June 23, 2024
    Sunfish are one of the most common fish throughout Toronto waters. They prefer weedy shallow waters similar to bass and perch. Their diet…