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Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon can be caught in the many rivers of Toronto during specific times of the year. Chinook salmon can be caught all year long. In Lake Ontario, during the summer months, Chinook salmon are attracted to the deeper, cool waters. Boat anglers can enjoy activities all year long, such as trolling the water depths of the giant lake. Anglers who want to catch Chinook but don’t have access to a boat will have to wait until early fall. In the fall, they enter streams to find spawning locations before the lake freezes. In the spring, after the ice thaws, they return back to the large lake. This run lasts from late February to mid-May.

Optimal baits for Chinook salmon in rivers include spoonsspinners, and small minnow baits. Also, fly fishing is effective. When searching for salmon during spawning times, look for pools of water that may be immune to heavy currents that can potentially wash away their eggs. Fly fishing close to the banks will produce the best results. Salmon love to attack prey in an upward motion, which is why flies can be so effective.

Recommended Lures for Salmon:

  1. Spoons
  2. Minnow Bait
  3. Spinners
  4. Flies

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