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Lake Trout

North American lakes are abundant with lake trout. Lake trout are the largest trout that can be caught in Toronto. When searching for them, look for deep water, as they prefer the coldest water. In areas that have great lake trout fishing, there are spots that should be fished the following year, as these fish return back to the same locations for spawning that they were born in most often. Spinners and silver spoons are the best lures to use. Worms and minnows are great live bait to use to catch a lake trout.

Ice Fishing

When ice fishing for lake trout, keep the lure near the surface as it is not required to be in the deepest part. As the water is quite cool, the lure does not have to be near the bottom; it will be better near the surface. Lures that are most effective are live worms, jigs, and silver spoons if there is a slight current. A slight jerking motion with jigs and worms will be the perfect motion to attract a trophy lake trout.

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