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Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are known for their beautiful bright colours on their sides. These are primarily seasonal fish for anglers who don’t have access to a boat. The rainbow trout makes the journey up streams and rivers in the fall in search of spawning areas. Fishing along the river shoreline around these times is at its very best. Toronto is fortunate to have many rivers that make optimal spawning locations for these fish. During the summer months, they can be found in deeper waters and are very sensitive to changes in temperature.

The ultra-light line is required for rainbow trout as they can see leaders and line easily, which will result in them not biting most of the time. Anglers should use a four to six-pound test line for best results. Fly fishing is what most anglers traditionally do in streams and rivers. Other lures that may be effective include silver or bronze spoonssmall minnow baits, and spinners. Live bait includes minnows and large night crawlers on medium-sized hooks. Rainbow trout can be caught year-round in Lake Ontario, but after the ice thaws in the spring, the action picks up as the trout go back to the Lake in search of cooler waters. At this time, anglers can enjoy great action in the rivers from ice thaw till mid-May.

When landing, these fish use a net as they are very powerful. Also, abide by the fishing size limits and the amounts you can catch in a day.

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