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Rock Bass

Rock bass are the underrated fish of the bass species. Known for their bright red eyes and larger mouths. The average rock bass size is between half a pound and a pound, with the current world record being over three pounds. Rock bass are in many of Toronto’s bodies of water. Their habitat consists of a rocky bottom accompanied by minor seaweed. The water depth is normally quite shallow, and they can be found along most shoreline waters. For their size, they are decent fighting fish and can provide great angling action.

Fishing lines do not matter as much, and you can use a leader to reel one in. The best bait to use is worms. Some small minnow baits may be effective thanks to their larger mouths, but worms are best. Rock Bass are normally in the same spots as sunfish and perch. Have a weight on the line to ensure it can get past all the other fish to the bottom. Rock Bass like to stay along the bottom of the water. Some small artificial baits may be effective, such as ones that imitate salamanders and bugs. Slight jerking motion along the bottom, lifting the bait about three inches up and down.

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