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Due to their picky nature and love for cooler water, walleye are attracted to many lakes in Ontario. Walleye are great trophy fish and average four pounds in size, with the world record being 19.3 pounds. It is not common for Walleye to come close enough to be caught from shore in the Toronto area, however some hotspots have been known to produce Walleye. When fishing the use of leaders is strongly advised due to the very sharp and long teeth.

The fishing Line should be at least an eight-pound test line and should have a wire leader. Anglers in Toronto often catch walleye while trying to fish for pikeJigs with night crawlers and a light-jerking motion can produce great results for anglers. Anglers near Toronto have the most luck at Frenchman’s Bay ice fishing, where the warmer water is omitted from the power plant, which attracts them to the bay. Live baits include worms and minnows on hooks or jigs. For lures, try minnow baitsspoons, and artificial night crawlers. Some anglers also use the walleye attracter to catch trophy fish, which has been effective.

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