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White Bass

White bass swims upstream in search of spawning locations in the early spring. The males are the first to go upstream, usually led by the smaller ones, and then the larger ones follow. Then, the female white bass begins to make their way upstream in search of a mate. Prior to this run, white bass can be found in the creeks and rivers around Toronto, and they have habitat locations similar to both largemouth and smallmouth. During these runs, anglers can enjoy fast-paced action. Also, some bays and rivers in Toronto have White bass year-round. Be sure to check the fishing hotspots to find out which fish are in which body of water.

White bass are great fighting fish and don’t generally go to deeper waters. Fishing for white bass during the summer months may be difficult unless the fish are on the way back down the stream. For lures, crankbaitsminnow baits, and spinners are perfect for catching white bass; for live bait use worms and minnows if live bait is permitted. Look for pockets in rivers that are about five feet deep, as this is an ideal spot to see a White bass. The white bass diet consists of small fish, frogs, and crawfish, along with some large insects.

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