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Ashbridge’s Bay Park

About fishing at Ashbridge’s Bay Park

Ashbridges Bay offers some of the best fishing opportunities in Toronto. Located at the bottom of Coxwell and Lakeshore Blvd and beside Woodbine Beach, anglers have access to fishing in the bay through Martin Goodman Trail. Ashbridges Bay has access to TTC and has many parking lots along with public washrooms throughout the park. The bay also has two cement boat launching areas available, as well as a fishing guide at the boat launch area to inform you of the amount of fish from Lake Ontario that is safe to eat.

The bay has great seasonal and yearlong fishing. From shore, during certain times of the year, anglers are able to catch brown trout, salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, and white perch. Catching a majority of these types of fish casting out off the rocks with spoons while looking for schools of fish during specific seasons delivers the best results. There are many different types of fish available year-long at Ashbridge’s Bay, but it is best known for pike fishing.

Fishing picks up in late September when the seasonal fish come within the shore’s reach. Search for deep pockets within the rocks the schools try to stick to the cooler waters. Try using spinners, spoons, and minnow baits without leaders, as they are smart fish and can usually spot the leaders. Trout, especially, are very picky, and it is unlikely for them to bite with a leader on. Those with access to boats get additional opportunities along the shoreline to get great salmon and trout activity.

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