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Bluffer’s Park

About fishing at Bluffer’s Park

Bluffers Park is located at the bottom of Brimley Road in Scarborough and provides some of the best seasonal fishing in Toronto. The park has beautiful scenery with large eroding cliffs and highly maintained trails, which make strolling through the park a choice for many during nice summer days. The Scarborough bluffs attract many different types of fish due to the large marinas and deep pockets around the rocks.

Bluffers Park has accessible public washrooms and two large parking lots. The parking lots fill up fast, though, on nice summer days. Bluffers Park also has two public well-maintained boat launching areas into Lake Ontario. Public transit is available to Brimley Road and Kingston Road but is a kilometer walk down a steep hill.

Fishing is excellent all year, and Bluffers Park is one of the few places that have recorded catching walleye on occasion. Excellent seasonal fishing is available at the Scarborough Bluffs, where anglers can cast from shore and catch rainbow trout and brown trout. On rare occasions during August and September, anglers casting from shore can catch Chinook and Coho salmon. The best results come from using spoonsspinners, and small minnow baits. Try to cast for the deepest part of the water, as they prefer the coldest water possible. The marina has been known to have the occasional salmon and trout caught due to the great water depths in the Scarborough Bluffs marina.

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