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Pickering Powerplant Marsh

About fishing at Pickering Powerplant Marsh

Located east of Frenchman’s Bay, the Pickering powerplant has some amazing fishing opportunities. The Powerplant omits warm water through the marsh, which flows into Frenchman’s Bay, and this attracts a variety of species that prefer warmer water. Underneath the bridge that flows into Frenchman’s Bay is a common spot for bass as it provides them shelter, and the muggy water means feeding can happen any time of the day. The marsh attracts a variety of different types of fish and is an excellent spot for carp fishing as well.

Rainbow trout are attracted to the river area due to the current and warmer water temperature. These fish are an average of four pounds in size and provide excellent action after the ice thaws. Some other species, like walleye, are also attracted to the warmer water of the marsh, which can provide great fishing opportunities. Another common catch is brook trout which are also attracted to the warm water let out of the Pickering Nuclear Powerplant. Other seasonal fish include chinook and coho salmon.

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