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Rouge River

About fishing at Rouge River

Located at the very end of Lawrence Avenue in Scarborough, Rouge River has boasted some of the best fishing in the GTA. With many large marshes available off of the river, there are many different species that are attracted to the ecosystem. The river at the mouth is attached to the beach which is where most anglers cast out. The marsh has accessible parking and washrooms available. Also, public transit is available and only requires a short walk to the marsh.

The water depth from the railway bridge to the mouth of the river can be up to 6 feet deep. North of the bridge, the water is a bit deeper, which is why the river attracts some great-sized pike. Many anglers use the walkway bridge to go to the other side where there are fewer anglers. At any given time during the day, there can be many anglers to compete with along the shoreline. Small canoes are often used as there are no motors allowed in the Rouge River.

Rouge River upstream also has some very good seasonal fishing as well. The river attracts brown troutrainbow troutcoho salmon, and chinook salmon. Fishing for these begins late fall before the ice freezes as the fish search for spawning areas upriver. When the ice thaws in spring, the different species make the journey back to Lake Ontario. Anglers can catch these different species at any point along the river. These seasonal fish can be caught at any time between the time the ice thaws and mid-May. By this time, most of the fish had returned to Lake Ontario.

Brook trout can also be caught in the Rouge River, but it is extremely rare. Rouge River is the only river in Toronto that has been recorded as being caught.

The water depth in the Rouge River marsh on the east side is two feet at a maximum. Very few fish are in this highly weedy lily pad section due to the lack of depth. It has access to another small river, though, which has excellent bass fishing due to its great depth, which is optimal for fishing. Anglers who have access to small boats or canoes can take advantage of the additional bass fishing available. Early mornings are best for bass using crayfish or artificial frogs casting through the lily pads.

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