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Toronto Islands

About fishing at Toronto Islands

Toronto Island has an abundant amount of waterways that go through the island and make for one of the best fishing locations in Toronto. There are also many marinas that attract a great northern pike and carp population. Bass, including both largemouth and smallmouth, are also abundant throughout the waters of The Toronto Islands. On the island, there are kayaks and canoes available for rent which will give better fishing opportunities.

How to get to the Toronto Islands

You can get to the island either by the ferry that departs from the harbourfront or by your own boat or canoe. There are three different points you can get to by taking the ferry. There is Hanlan’s Point on the western part of the island, Center Island, and the third point is Ward’s Island on the eastern part. The cost of the ferry is $7.25 for adults which includes the return fare.

Ward Island Fishing

The best fishing spot closest to the ferry is off Cibola Avenue casting toward Algonquin Island. A decent pike population around the island. There are a lot of boats that attract small sunfish and perch that take cover under them to get out of the sun. Pike and largemouth have abundant food in these areas because of the smaller fish.

Center Island Fishing

Long Pond is just a short walk off the ferry and provides great action in the summer months. The two most common fish are carp and pike. The carp get to be quite large here and can reach up to twenty pounds. Pike averages about four pounds here and can be caught on spinnerbaits and spoons. For those with boats, the water depth is very uneven, so beware of sudden shallow rocks and logs that come close to the water surface.

Hanlan’s Point Fishing

From the mouth down towards Lakeshore Avenue, it is the best location in this area. Many small baitfish are in the area that can be seen along the shoreline, which attracts a great pike population. The best spot for casting is near the marina. The water is quite deep here as many large boats move through it, which allows for cooler water and larger pike to come through. There is some distance between the water and the ridge where anglers can cast, making landing larger fish difficult. The use of a net if fishing here is highly suggested.

For those with access to boats, the journey to Center Island is a fishing hot spot filler with pike. Some pike in this area reach up to fifteen pounds. Trolling along through the water that separates Center Island from Toronto Harbourfront is a perfect spot that attracts huge pike and some trout pending on the season. Pike and trout are attracted to the cooler water that the spring brings. Note that you should not get too close to the airport and know what the buoys mean in the area.

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